I am a Photographer based in the greater Cincinnati area, My main focus is on Portrait and Event Photography.  In my spare time , I like to shoot scenery and still life photos. I am most at ease when I am out shooting photos on location. I am father to an amazing young man who continues to make me proud with each passing day.

I have a passion for capturing candid moments. That passion drove me to go back to school at the age of 49. I attended Antonelli College in Cincinnati and earned a degree with honors in photography. Making the decision to get a degree in a field I am passionate about was quite a challenge at my age. I will always be grateful to the instructors that taught me. They  opened me up to a new way of seeing what photography really is.

As  photographer, I strive to capture my subject for who they genuinely are. My goal is to get an emotional reaction from the viewer. This is more so today, as I realize when the moments are gone, the photographs are cherished forever. I’m sure you can relate to the rush of emotions that come from viewing a photograph of a loved one. It’s like going back in time. To me that is worth its weight in gold.